Mergers & Acquisitions


In growth or corporate restructuring processes, usually a Mergers & Acquisitions operation is the best way to solve problems or maximize the value of opportunities.


Our intermediation preserves the relationship between both parts, increases the chance of success on a transaction and maximizes the wealth of our clients.


Redirection team has a wide experience in several kinds of transactions in M&A. We participate in all stages of an operation, giving support to our clients in complex negotiations with financial or strategic investors in different countries that we stand in.


  • Total or Partial Sell

    In a partial or total sale of a business it is crucial to properly conduct the negotiation to maximize the transaction value and increase the wealth generated for our clients. The company may also choose to sell product lines, brands and other specific assets.

  • Resource Funding

    Resource Funding by Private Equity funds to leverage accelerated growth or restructuration strategies. A funding transaction can be executed with another M&A transaction.

  • Merger or Joint Venture

    A Merger or Joint Venture allow synergy gain and operational efficiency, increasing competitiveness of the company. The business can be structured with existing companies or creating a new company.

  • Strategic Alliance

    Partnerships and associations with suppliers, clients or competitors. An alliance allows quick and easier access to new markets, technologies and knowledge.

  • Acquisition

    Total or partial acquisition for business expansion, market concentration, operational vertical integration or investments diversification. An acquisition is one of the alternatives to acquire expertise and new technologies. The company can also realize an expansion strategy to subsequently sell the business.

Financial Advisory

Redirection also offers financial advisory services that do not need to be associated to an external M&A transaction.

  • Company Valuation

    The business valuation is the first and fundamental step in any M&A transaction. The company can also choose for a valuation regardless of an external transaction, aiming a better knowledge of the business value and use it as a management tool.

  • Financial Modeling – Viability Study

    Projects scenarios and shows how the value creation is related to the variation of considered assumptions. The modeling has the objective to valuate a future investment plan, showing its profit and consequently its viability.

  • Impairment Test

    Brazilian laws require a valuation report to allow buyers amortize the goodwill of an M&A acquisition.

  • Purchase Price Allocation - PPA

    O PPA tem por objetivo alocar corretamente o valor contábil de uma aquisição. Um grande componente do PPA é a identificação e atribuição do Valor Justo de Mercado para todos os ativos e passivos assumidos no fechamento da transação. A diferença entre o preço de compra e o montante dos ativos e passivos é então reconhecido como ágio – goodwill.

  • Fairness Opinion

    Fairness Opinion is a professional valuation realized by a third party to determine if the terms of an M&A transaction are fair. Our valuation is produced in a fair, impartial and defendable way, always based in the expected sectorial, economic and private perspectives from each company.