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    Premier IT – Quality Software

    Customer Profile
    Premier was founded 27 years ago and is a national reference in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Management with Service Desk solutions, Field Services, Datacenter Management, NOC (Network Operations Center). In the last 8 years, it has been one of the SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) that has grown the most in Brazil. It was voted Gartner Cool Vendor in 2016, with established cases in domestic and multinational private companies.


    Situation Overview
    Quality, listed on Bovespa Plus (Brazilian Stock Exchange: QUSW-MA) since 2014, has a leading position in Application Management, Electronic Channels, Mobile Applications, Digital Solutions, Mobility Microservices, Identity and Governance Management, Risk and Compliance. With the acquisition of Premier, Quality expands its portfolio with complementary solutions in ICT and obtain geographical scale, strengthening its presence in South Brazil.


    The acquisition of Premier is part of the strategy of business expansion adopted by Quality, in line with its corporate strategy and with the purpose of promoting the Company’s accelerated growth with a view to Initial Public Offering (IPO). For the acquisition of the quotas of Premier, Quality will pay a total of up to 31 million BRL.

  • Premier


    Premier, specialized in IT outsourcing services, sold its print and documents management unit for Selbetti.

    We acted as exclusive M&A advisor to Premier.

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    Client Overview

    The listed Chile-based company, Sonda, acquired the Brazilian-based BPO company CTIS. Sonda is one of the largest IT providers in Latin America.


    CTIS Tecnologia is a full-service IT company founded 30 years ago, with activities in: technical support for infrastructure, contact center, printing outsourcing, hardware outsourcing, software resale and software development. CTIS focuses on government clients and state owned companies. It invoiced EUR 256 million in 2013, employing 11,000 employees.


    Deal Summary

    Clairfield International Brazil advised CTIS along with a brazilian bank. Clairfield is advising CTIS in business plan, corporate govenance, valuation, private equity negotiation, IPO preparation since 2005. Clairfield Brazil coordinated the initial process and identified the buyer that concluded the biggest IT deal in 2014 in Brazil.


    The transaction value is estimated at EUR 141 million, including an earnout of EUR 26 million based on CTIS performance to be shared between the founder and its main directors.

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    Customer Overview

    SIAGRI Management Systems specializes in the development of management systems for agribusiness industries. The company develops management systems for raw material sellers and agricultural machinery and specialty stores.


    SIAGRI has more than 600 clients that trades in more than 1,200 points and has strong presence in the largest Brazilian states. Because of its exclusive focus on agribusiness, the company achieved average annual growth of 40% in recent years.


    Situation Overview

    Clairfield of Brazil, in partnership with Markestrat, a strategic advisory firm focused on agribusiness, advised SIAGRI in its acquisition of ItProvider. PA Latinoamerica also advised the process.


    ItProvider specializes in management software development for cattle ranches.


    With this acquisition, SIAGRI reinforces its strategy of becoming the largest provider of management solutions for the entire supply chain of the agribusiness industry

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    CTIS, a Brazilian technology company, acquired 60% stake of 4bears Technologies.


    Clairfield Brazil acted as M&A advisor to CTIS.

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    Economic and financial valuation for measurement purposes and value creation for shareholders.


    Velsis is a manufacturer and developer of road control systems in Brazil.

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    Economic and financial valuation for measurement purposes and value creation for shareholders.


    eBanx is the market leader in payment solutions for global merchants who sell to Brazil.