Experience in Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Santécorp ING

    Fleury acquires Santécorp

    Client Overview

    Founded in 2007, headquartered in the city of São Paulo (SP) and having a branch in Curitiba (PR), the company is specialized in health management in companies, working with five management tools: ambulatory within companies, management of medical procedures, approach to High users, second medical opinion and a referenced network of professionals. The company serves large clients, such as: Kimberly-Clark, Grupo Bimbo, Optum, Citibank and others.


    Transaction Overview

    Founded in 1926, the Fleury Group is one of the largest and most respected diagnostic medicine and health companies in Brazil. In 2017, the Company recorded a gross revenue superior to R$2 billion. With the acquisition of SantéCorp, Fleury starts working in primary health care, also incorporating a portfolio of 300,000 people managed by Santécorp, who are employees of companies. Fleury sees potential for expansion to offer health management to employees’ dependents. The acquisition is in line with the group’s new strategy to become a business platform with Santécorp being the first acquisition outside the diagnostic medicine segment.

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    Premier IT – Quality Software

    Customer Profile
    Premier was founded 27 years ago and is a national reference in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Management with Service Desk solutions, Field Services, Datacenter Management, NOC (Network Operations Center). In the last 8 years, it has been one of the SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) that has grown the most in Brazil. It was voted Gartner Cool Vendor in 2016, with established cases in domestic and multinational private companies.


    Situation Overview
    Quality, listed on Bovespa Plus (Brazilian Stock Exchange: QUSW-MA) since 2014, has a leading position in Application Management, Electronic Channels, Mobile Applications, Digital Solutions, Mobility Microservices, Identity and Governance Management, Risk and Compliance. With the acquisition of Premier, Quality expands its portfolio with complementary solutions in ICT and obtain geographical scale, strengthening its presence in South Brazil.


    The acquisition of Premier is part of the strategy of business expansion adopted by Quality, in line with its corporate strategy and with the purpose of promoting the Company’s accelerated growth with a view to Initial Public Offering (IPO). For the acquisition of the quotas of Premier, Quality will pay a total of up to 31 million BRL.

  • trescal-en

    Trescal – Metrosul

    Client profile
    Trescal, an international specialist in metrology, offers a wide range of services for the testing and measurement equipment segment. Trescal operates mainly in Europe and America, in addition it has operations in Singapore and Tunisia. Trescal has 86 metrology laboratories and employs more than 2,300 employees worldwide, serving more than 35,000 customers in various sectors such as Aerospace, Defense, Telecommunications, Automotive, Electronics, Energy, Healthcare, Chemical and Petrochemical.


    Trescal has more than EUR 225 million in revenue. With this acquisition, Trescal will operate 7 accredited metrology laboratories and employ more than 200 employees in Brazil.

    Situation overview

    Established in 1995, Metrosul is Inmetro-accredited and has strong skills in dimensional, electricity, temperature, humidity, pressure and mass (scales). With a turnover of around R$ 6 million (1.5 M€), the company employs 55 people and is mostly active in the Automotive, Utilities, and Food & Beverage sectors.


    Clairfield International of Brazil and France advised Trescal throughout the process in the acquisition of Metrosul. This is Trescal’s second acquisition in Brazil with Clairfield as its exclusive financial advisor. Clairfield International is advising Trescal since its first expansion plans for Brazil in sectorial mapping, acquisitions strategy and sector consolidation. Clairfield approached the potential targets and negotiated the deal structure. DDSA was the legal advisor and Premium Bravo advised in the due diligence.

  • Premier


    Premier, specialized in IT outsourcing services, sold its print and documents management unit for Selbetti.

    We acted as exclusive M&A advisor to Premier.

  • Chanceller


    Trasaction Overview

    Lavebras, the largest Brazilian textile management and laundry services company, has acquired units of Curitiba-PR and Ivoti-RS from Chanceller, a laundry company specialized in the hospital segment.


    With 67 units distributed across Brazil, the conclusion of this acquisition allows Lavebras further consolidation of its leading position in the hospital segment and in southern Brazil.



    Situation Overview

    The founder of the Chanceller, will become part of the board of Lavebras. He will act in operations and commercial areas in the state of Paraná and also in the institutional development of Lavebras across Brazil.

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    Client Overview

    Trescal, an international leading specialist in calibration, completed the acquisition of a majority stake in MEC Q, a provider of calibration services in Brazil. With 17 accredited domains and 5 laboratories across major industrial regions (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and Bahia), MEC Q is the leader of the Brazilian market and it has a strong presence in the automotive and oil & gas industries.


    With EUR 205 million in revenues in 2015 and 2,150 employees in 19 countries, Trescal is a global provider of a broad range of services for test and measuring equipment. The group serves 29,000 customers in various sectors such as Defense, Aerospace and Automotive.


    Deal Summary

    The deal was completed with the support of Trescal’s majority shareholder, the private equity firm Ardian, and reflects Trescal’s strategy to become world leader in the sector. Since 2012, Trescal has completed 13 build-ups to reinforce its presence in Europe, the USA, and South America.

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    Client Overview

    The listed Chile-based company, Sonda, acquired the Brazilian-based BPO company CTIS. Sonda is one of the largest IT providers in Latin America.


    CTIS Tecnologia is a full-service IT company founded 30 years ago, with activities in: technical support for infrastructure, contact center, printing outsourcing, hardware outsourcing, software resale and software development. CTIS focuses on government clients and state owned companies. It invoiced EUR 256 million in 2013, employing 11,000 employees.


    Deal Summary

    Clairfield International Brazil advised CTIS along with a brazilian bank. Clairfield is advising CTIS in business plan, corporate govenance, valuation, private equity negotiation, IPO preparation since 2005. Clairfield Brazil coordinated the initial process and identified the buyer that concluded the biggest IT deal in 2014 in Brazil.


    The transaction value is estimated at EUR 141 million, including an earnout of EUR 26 million based on CTIS performance to be shared between the founder and its main directors.

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    StockTech Logística

    Client Overview

    StockTech is a National Logistic operator and provides integrated logistics solutions for clients who need maintenance of cold and humidity chains.


    Aqua Capital is an independent private equity firm focusing on growth investments in mid-market companies throughout the Brazilian and South American agribusiness value chain which made a previous investment in Comfrio, another logistic operator in Brazil.


    Situation Overview

    BGV Adminstração de Bens S.A., a holding focused on real state and equity investments, sold its shares of Stock Tech Logística to the investment fund Aqua Capital.


    With over 825,000 cubic meters in storage capacity, the combined Comfrio and Stock Tech form the largest player in the Brazilian controlled-temperature logistics sector. With 20 sites operating throughout Brazil, it offers unrivaled value-added solutions to food and agricultural clients nationally.



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    Client Overview

    Tecverde is a Brazilian engineering company, pioneer in the development and implementation of the most advanced construction technology concepts in the world, especially the wood frame prefabricated houses.


    With this technology, 60% of the process is performed in a factory, allowing significant gains in improved quality and reduced construction time.


    BRDE, Regional Development Bank of the South, supports and monitors the development of projects to increase the competitiveness of enterprises of all sizes in southern Brazil. INOVACRED program provides funding for development of new products, processes and services, or for improvement of existing ones.


    Situation Overview

    This funding has contributed to the implementation of the largest factory woodframe panels in Latin America, in Araucária – PR.

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    Tecverde – Inos

    Client Overview

    Tecverde is a Brazilian engineering company, pioneer in the development and implementation of the most advanced construction technology concepts in the world, especially the wood frame prefabricated houses.


    With this technology, 60% of the process is performed in a factory, allowing significant gains in improved quality and reduced construction time.


    Inos is a company associated with Weinmann, one of the leading manufacturers of modern, powerful machinery, equipment and systems for timber houses.


    Situation Overview

    With the association between Tecverde and Inos the largest wood frame panels factory in Latin America was implemented in Araucária – PR , combining the pioneering and knowledge of the Brazilian market from Tecverde with the experience and manufacturing know-how from Inos.

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    Indústrias Romi, the largest manufacturer of machinery and equipment for plastics in Brazil, sold its Sandredtto operations in Italy to Scout One, a group of Italian entrepreneurs.


    Clairfield Brazil/Italy acted as M&A advisor to Indústrias Romi.

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    Client Overview

    Metropolitana Vigilância, a market leader in Paraná State in the sectors of manned guarding, electronic security and other specialized services with more than 3,000 employees and 5,000 customers, sold its operations to Orsegups one of Brazil’s largest groups in this segment.


    Situation Overview

    With the transaction, Orsegups consolidated its position in the manned guarding market in Paraná and Santa Catarina and became one of the national leaders in electronic security segment.

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    Client Overview

    Fermax, the second largest supplier of components for door and windows of Brazil, sold 100% of its shares to the German company Roto Frank AG, a world leader in the segment. The Company is located in Colombo, Paraná, was founded in 1974 and has 300 direct employees.


    The Roto Frank AG has 13 plants and more than 40 branches. With 641 million Euros in Revenues and 4,500 employees, it is the world’s leader in the doors, windows and accessories for frames segments.


    Situation Overview

    According to the company’s CEO, Dr. Eckhard Keill, this latest investment improves the position of Roto for the conquest of window and door markets in Latin America.

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    Pet Center Marginal

    Customer Overview

    Pet Center Marginal is one of the market leaders in the pet industry in Brazil. In 2013, the Company had a BRL 250 million in sales with 27 stores in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. PetCenter Marginal is a retail company that offers a complete portfolio of products and services related to pet environment.


    Warburg Pincus is one of the most traditional private equity funds in the world. The fund was founded more than 40 years and has invested more than USD 45 billion in over 675 companies in 35 different countries.


    Situation Overview

    The sale process began in 2009, however negotiations with Warburg Pincus began in June 2012. An offer to purchase shares with a capital contribution was the structure chosen for this transaction. The Clairfield Brazil advised the vendors in this process.


    The private equity fund, Warburg Pincus, acquired control of PetCenter Marginal. With the acquisition, PetCenter Marginal will increase the speed of its expansion process. PetCenter Marginal expects to triple its sales and operate more than 100 stores in five years.

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    INDÚSTRIAS ROMI – Burkhardt+Weber

    Indústrias Romi, the largest manufacturer of machinery and equipment for plastics in Brazil, acquired Burkhardt + Weber, a German equipment producer.


    Clairfield Brazil/Italy acted as M&A advisor to Indústrias Romi.

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    Lamiflex do Brasil

    Lamiflex do Brasil, a manufacturer of products for power transmission, sold its controlling stake to Altra Industrial Motion (USA).


    Clairfield Brazil/USA acted as M&A advisor to Lamiflex.

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    Semília Genética e Melhoramento

    Client overview

    Semília Genética e Melhoramento Ltda., (Curitiba-Brazil) is a leading research company engaged in the corn seeds research and production market in Brazil, focused in hybrid seeds. The company was founded in 2001.


    The company is one of the few independent companies in this sector, has farms and facilities in Parana and Bahia estates and its germplasm is adapted to the tropical and sub tropical wheather.


    Situation overview

    KWS SAAT AG – trough its subsidiary KWS Brasil Participações LTDA. – signed a contract to acquire Semília.


    KWS SAAT AG, Einbeck/ Germany, is one of the four world´s leading plant breeding companies. Established in 1856 KWS has been breeding crops for temperate climates for more than 150 years. Today KWS has some 3,800 employees (1,500 of them in Germany) and is represented in more than 70 countries.


    In 2010/11 KWS Group and its approximately 60 subsidiaries and associated companies generated net sales of EUR 855 million. The acquisition of Semilia is a milestone to further penetrate the Brazilian seed research and production market.

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    Vega Engenharia e Consultoria

    Customer Overview

    VEGA – Engenharia e Consultoria Ltda. is a Brazilian company specialized in road infrastructure engineering consultancy services, particularly rail. VEGA also operates in the supervision and management of road and industrial works.


    EGIS, comprising 75% of its capital by the financial institution Caisse des Dépôts and 25% by the Iosis Partenaires, is the leading company in France and sixth in Europe in the engineering consulting industry, developing projects of ​​airports, railways, waterways, roads, sanitation and urban development. The company also participates in the concession and operation of highways and airports.


    The company has 11,000 employees, and of those, 7,000 are engineers and is present in over 100 countries. The group achieved sales of EUR 800 million in 2010.


    Situation Overview

    Brazil’s Clairfield has identified through its offices in the world, potential companies interested in VEGA profile. The stock trading and financial advisory of Clairfield in Brazil contributed to VEGA’s shareholders for choosing the best business alternative. The VEGA-EGIS association aims to create a center of world-class railway freight projects and deploy a business platform, especially in South America.

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    Customer Overview

    SIAGRI Management Systems specializes in the development of management systems for agribusiness industries. The company develops management systems for raw material sellers and agricultural machinery and specialty stores.


    SIAGRI has more than 600 clients that trades in more than 1,200 points and has strong presence in the largest Brazilian states. Because of its exclusive focus on agribusiness, the company achieved average annual growth of 40% in recent years.


    Situation Overview

    Clairfield of Brazil, in partnership with Markestrat, a strategic advisory firm focused on agribusiness, advised SIAGRI in its acquisition of ItProvider. PA Latinoamerica also advised the process.


    ItProvider specializes in management software development for cattle ranches.


    With this acquisition, SIAGRI reinforces its strategy of becoming the largest provider of management solutions for the entire supply chain of the agribusiness industry

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    VivaSanté, a healthcare company in France, acquired 70% stake in LM Farma, a Brazilian company focused on the treatment of wounds and healing.


    Clairfield Brazil/France acted as M&A advisor to VivaSanté.

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    Transportec – Coleta e Remoção de Resíduos

    Transportec, a traditional company in the segment and collection and transportation of waste located in Parana State sold its operations to Ecopav, a company the same sector seeking to accelerate its growth.


    With the transaction, Ecopav entered the Paraná State market and also acquired the expertise of Transportec activities in the private market, where Ecopav did not have a significant participation.

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    Café Damasco, coffee industry, has been sold to Sara Lee Corpoation (USA).


    Redirection acted as exclusive M&A advisor to Café Damasco.

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    INAP – Instituto Nacional de Adm Prisional

    Instituto Nacional de Administração Prisional (INAP) is a pioneer in Brazil in private prison management sector, performing the management of more than 10 prison units in four states of Brazil.


    GPA (Gestores Prisionais Associados) is a consortium of five companies responsible for the construction and operation of the first PPP (public private partnership) in the prison sector, a prison complex with 5 units and more than 3,000 beds in Minas Gerais State.


    The total investment exceeds US$ 150 million and the contract is for 25 years of operation. INAP became part of the GPA consortium, bringing its expertise to the construction and operation of the complex.

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    Vital Renewable Energy Company

    Vital Renewable Energy Company raised funds from BDNES bank.


    Clairfield Brazil conduct the whole process advising VREC.

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    DaFruta – Maguary

    Kraft Foods, food manufacturer, sold Maguary operation to Dafruta.


    Redirection acted as exclusive M&A advisor to DaFruta.

  • Slide11en

    DaFruta – Tavares de Melo

    DaFruta raised funds with Tavares de Melo Group.


    Redirection acted as exclusive M&A advisor to DaFruta.

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    CTIS, a Brazilian technology company, acquired 60% stake of 4bears Technologies.


    Clairfield Brazil acted as M&A advisor to CTIS.

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    Forcecar Automotive

    Forcecar, auto parts company specialized in electrical injection, acquired Bauen, company focused on ventilation and cooling components for cars.


    Redirection acted as exclusive M&A advisor to Forcecar.

  • Slide32en


    Acquisition of stake by the executive and minority shareholder.


    Clairfield Brazil acted as M&A advisor to the buyers.

  • Taf

    TAF Linhas Aéreas

    TAF Linhas Aéreas raised US$ 12.5 million with HENCORP Capital LC. a diversified financial group focused primarily in servicing the Latin American market.


    TAF Linhas Aéreas is an airline focused on regional passenger and cargo services, based in Fortaleza, Brazil.


    The airline was established and started operations as an air taxi company (Táxi Aéreo Fortaleza) in 1957.

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    Granja Real

    Advising the shareholders of Granja Real in acquiring 50% of the shares of the selling shareholders.


    Clairfield Brazil acted as M&A advisor to the buyers.

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    Grupo Quero-Quero – Advent International

    The Quero-Quero group sold a majority stake to Advent International, an international private equity fund.


    Clairfield Brazil acted as M&A advisor to Quero-Quero Group.

  • Slide26en

    Grupo Quero-Quero – Rede Fischer

    Quero-Quero group acquired 32 stores from Fischer Chain.


    Clairfield Brazil acted as M&A advisor to Quero-Quero Group.

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    Mãe Terra Alimentos

    MãeTerra, food manufacturer with organic and integral inputs, was sold to the Solo Corp. investment fund.


    Clairfield Brazil acted as M&A advisor to Mãe Terra.

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    Globoaves Agro Avícola

    Globoaves Agro Avícola leased its poultry slaughter unit for Sadia


    Clairfield Brazil acted as M&A advisor to Globoaves.

  • Slide30en


    Adem – Assistência Dentária Empresarial acquired the customer portfolio of Uniserv Oralplan.


    Clairfield Brazil acted as M&A advisor to Adem.

  • Slide31en


    Adem – Assistência Dentária Empresarial acquired the customer portfolio of Clicenter.


    Clairfield Brazil acted as M&A advisor to Adem.

  • Slide29en

    Mapfre Seguros

    Mapfre Seguros acquired 51% stakes from Nossa Caixa Seguro e Previdência.


    Clairfield Brazil acted as M&A advisor to Mapfre Seguros.

  • Slide42en


    Economic and financial valuation for measurement purposes and value creation for shareholders.


    The Inovadoor is one of the five largest companies in the development and manufacture of opening and lifting systems to access to commercial buildings.

  • Slide35en


    Economic and financial valuation for measurement purposes and value creation for shareholders.


    Velsis is a manufacturer and developer of road control systems in Brazil.

  • Slide34en


    Economic and financial valuation for measurement purposes and value creation for shareholders.


    eBanx is the market leader in payment solutions for global merchants who sell to Brazil.

  • Slide37en

    Moageira Irati

    Economic and financial valuation for measurement purposes and value creation for shareholders.


    Moageira Irati is a company focused on the origination of grain and production of flour.

  • Slide41en

    2001 Automotivos

    Economic and financial valuation for measurement purposes and value creation for shareholders.


    2001 Automotivos is a manufacturer of products for auto painters and body shop.

  • Slide38en

    Guaporé Máquinas e Equipamentos

    Economic and financial valuation for measurement purposes and value creation for shareholders.


    Guapore Máquinas e Equipamentos is one of the largest companies in the selling and maintenance of heavy machinery in the northern region of Brazil.

  • Slide40en


    Economic and financial valuation for measurement purposes and value creation for shareholders.


    Fibrasa is a traditional producer of plastic polypropylene packaging.

  • Slide48en

    Banco de Brasília / Global Payments

    Economic and financial valuation for creation of a joint venture in the payment method industry with Global Payments.


    Global Payments provides payment methods solutions.

  • Slide46en

    Grupo Uninter

    Economic and financial valuation for measurement purposes and value creation for shareholders.


    The UNINTER Group offers educational courses to graduate and post graduate studies.

  • Slide49en

    FUNCEF – Fundação dos Economiários Federais

    Valuation of targets in the Insurance sector.


    FUNCEF – Fundação dos Economiários Federais – is the third largest pension fund in Brazil.

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    Economic and financial valuation for measurement purposes and value creation for shareholders.


    Ingrax is a producer of greases and finished lubricants oils.

  • Slide50en

    DuPont Cipatex

    Economic and financial valuation of Dupont Cipatex nonwoven fabric plant.


    DuPont Cipatex is a join venture between DuPont of Brazil and the Cipatex Group to produce nonwovens.

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    Super Muffato / Supermercados Gimenes

    Valuation of Gimenes Supermarkets to Super Muffato Supermarkets.


    The Gimenes Supermarkets is a retail chain.

  • Slide47en

    Lojas MM / Rede Dudony

    Valuation of Rede Dudony to MercadoMóveis.


    Dudony is a retail chain of furniture and appliances.

  • Slide43en

    Grupo Bimbo / Nutrella Alimentos

    Valuation of Nutrella Alimentos SA to Bimbo Group.


    Nutrella is a company in the food industry, manufacturer of various types of breads and cakes.

  • Slide44en

    Grupo Bimbo / Panifício Laura

    Valuation of Panifício Laura to Grupo Bimbo.


    Panifício Laura is a company in the food industry, manufacturer of various types of breads and cakes.